American Metropolitan University Turkey

American Metropolitan University, founded in 2015, is a private Macedonian university based in Macedonia and is specialized in distance education.

As American Metropolitan University, our mission is to enable our students to advance their academic and personal development processes and to achieve their career goals quickly through flexible teaching models.

Our aim as the American Metropolitan University in Turkey is to provide contemporary knowledge and skills to our students and and to develop their existing management skills through our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs.

Our students will be able to complete their courses without having to worry about exams with the projects they will prepare by using their knowledge and experience in accordance with the modern education system.

With the courses taken online, our students are able to contribute to their personal development as well as to success in their business life with our seminars organized within the framework of the current needs of the business world.

Whatsapp Information Line: 0216 606 27 60